ZeroAvia, Climate Change and Airplanes

The President of the United States is hard at work trying to get a $150 billion clean energy and climate change bill passed. Climate change is at the forefront of many debates, specifically is 100% clean energy even possible. ZeroAvia staff members are aware that it is virtually impossible to answer that question but, most everyone can admit that some attention needs to be paid to the climate and the rate at which it is changing.


ZeroAvia was created to do its part when it comes to air travel and climate change. The research shows that transportation produces a third of CO2 emission in the USA, more than coal burning and it became the greatest polluter. Starting in 2024, ZeroAvia plans to launch hydrogen-electric passenger flights between London and Rotterdam. Achieving zero-emission air travel could change air travel as we know it today; and with this hydrogen-electric powertrain ZeroAvia has already received the BusinessGreen Leader Award for best transport project of the year. 


Mitsubishi and MIRAJ have both acknowledged the expertise at ZeroAvia and have partnered with the company to develop fuel cell-powered regional jets that include retrofit solutions. The ability to retrofit is beneficial in that existing aircrafts will support the new jet engines. Testing at ZeroAvia is a huge proponent of any large scale release and ensuring that these jet engines meet both safety and operational requirements is paramount to the success of this company.  ZeroAvia is making a bold statement when it comes to the future and they are paving the way for cleaner skies. By the year 2040 ZeroAvia plans to have 200+ seat 5,000 +MNM range flights to create cleaner air for our children.