Yubo Set To Start Monetizing Their Livestream

In the new era of the modern age, invention of apps has enormously increased. Yubo is one of the developing apps that has attracted a number of users. It is a video social media app aimed and Generation Z. The app was founded by Sacha Lazimi, who plays the role of the CEO. Recently it launched a program to enable the most influential users to get some earnings via the app rewards. The Pixel Reward Program aims to support users who create engaging streams to receive pixels. The pixels are trading card-style images readily available for purchase on the Yubo-App from the fans.

Once you receive the pixel, you get a chance to buy 30% of the purchase price in YUBUcks, the Yubo currency. You can use this to pay for other Yubo features to boost your stream placement on the platform. Livestream on Yubo helps users showcase their different creatives either in facetime or Zoom Chats. The Yubo-App vision enables young users to connect with new people who share the same creatives. The Yubo platform allows you to communicate with many people as you can.

The Yubo-app plans to add a new feature to take care of real-world currency. The new feature will enable streamers to earn in actual dollars, not just in-game bucks, which iOS gifted as rewards.

Since Yubo-App was launched, it has attracted millions of users, even in the United States. The app growth was huge during the coronavirus since digital socializing was the new normal. The app aims to connect users for platonic reasons discouraging creepy vibes. A set of rules governs the app to protect its users from vulgar content. The app policy encourages behaviors that would be acceptable to every person pout there to create a good environment tsocialize.

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