Unearthed School Reports Reveal Prince Philip’s Quirks and Characteristics: Fascinating Facts on His Childhood

Over the years, Philip had been taking a number of breaks from college to spend time with his family.

At this time he had been offered the Duke of Edinburgh Award, a globally recognized award for teenagers which teaches them leadership, kindness, and resilience.

His school required a number of different, non-academic volunteers to aid the pupils.

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These included ‘boys who could do homework, a musical instrument, boys who could cook and boys who could do what Dr. Hahn described as:

‘generous, kind and unpretentious’, having a ‘naturalness of being which gave strength to those around him.

Dr. Hahn had first met Philip in 1946, a year after he had completed his time at Gordonstoun.

When the Headmaster first learned of the engagement between Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten: ‘I was immediately pleased,’ he recalled.

‘This man was quick-witted, who was generous to a fault, but so modest that he did not even think of it. The Report Cards describe Philip’s most notable characteristics:

  1. His ‘high intelligence’ and ‘ability to be at once serious and child-like, without being childish’.
  2. His energy ‘undiminished by a half-century of activity.
  3. His ‘combination of physical strength, agility and elegance’, which gave him ‘the physical ability to excel in whatever he did.’

The school report was the first recorded mention of Prince Philip, who was Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh when he attended Gordonstoun.

He would go on to attend Eton College from 1949-1954, where he worked with fellow polo-playing pupil Michael Parker, whose ward had become a contender for Princess Margaret’s hand in marriage.

The couple’s affair, discovered by senior members of Philip’s household, also became a scandal, putting his budding polo career to the sword.

The school report also revealed that Philip showed no signs of what would later become known as ‘the greasy look’.

It showed that Philip’s parents were pleased with his academic achievement and noted that he was ‘very adaptable and amenable’.

In fact, the reports reveal that Philip won a running prize for the four miles he ran during his first year at the school.

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