Tim Ioannides Talks About Skin Cancer

Cancer is among the leading causes of death in the US, and skin cancer is not an exception. As the colder months approach, it is easy to forget the risk of sun exposure. However, it is prudent to note that sun exposure can occur even when least expected, during chilly temperatures and cloudy days. More than half of patients with cancer in the US and the rest of the world specifically have skin cancer. Statisticians have it that two people die every hour in the US due to Skin cancer. However, the most devastating thing is that many myths surround the skin cancer subject. Thankfully, Tim Ioannides MD is a renowned dermatologist in Florida, who has made it his life mission to help prevent and treat skin cancer.

He was born in Miami. Tim’s parents worked in the medical industry. Tim’s father was a medical professor, while his mother worked as an optician. Due to the early exposure to medicine, Dr Tim Ioannides was fascinated about pursuing a course in medicine. So, he enrolled for a medical degree and later specialized in dermatology.

The young and energetic doctor kicked off his career in plastic surgery. He later realized that performing elective cosmetic procedures was not his thing. He launched Treasure Coast Dermatology in St. Lucie County and started offering services in medical dermatology. At the clinic, he noticed that most dermatologists focused on elective procedures and decided to take a different path.

Dr Ioannides’ primary aim was to combat skin cancer that is on the rise. Coincidentally, the county has the second-highest cases of skin cancer in the US.

How Sun Exposure Harms The Skin

According to Tim, much of what is considered an ordinary aging process- wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin – is often due to sun damage. UV rays have longer wavelengths; hence they penetrate deeper into the skin, damaging elastin – fibers in the skin. When the fibers are damaged, the skin loses its elasticity. In addition, the damage extends the standard skin healing time, making it bruise and tear more easily. Go to this page for more information.


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