The Story of Alex A Molinaroli: Former Johnson Controls CEO

Alex A Molinaroli was the CEO of Ex-Johnson Controls, a technology company that rose to be the most successful in the world. After leaving the company in 2017, Molinaroli has ventured into sharing many of the beliefs that shaped his career and life. The beliefs are to also serve as his basis in the new field of being a venture capitalist. Molinaroli led the Ex-Johnson Controls team to a great transformation, a factor that has made the company extremely successful in the present day. One of his major achievements was when he led the merger between Ex-Johnson Controls and Tyco International. The working formula made Ex-Johnson Controls set foot in China. Alex A Molinaroli believes that continued sharing of insights would motivate many to transform their working methods.

Alex stresses culture as being key to retention and motivating employees. Company leaders need to make sure that the culture of the company is one where everyone feels part of the team and united in their goals. This will help keep employees motivated and focused on the company’s vision. Apart from that, the company leaders should ensure that every employee understands their role within the organization, whether it be freelance, full-time, or contract-based. This will help employees feel more connected to the organization and will make it easier for them to relate to their co-workers.

Molinaroli also believes that human resources are a key area to ensure company growth. The company needs to ensure that its employees are motivated and have the best working conditions possible. The company leaders have to make sure that all employees are capable of performing the tasks which they are assigned, and that they have the necessary skills. The company leaders should also ensure that their staff is properly trained so that they can perform at the level expected of them. Proper investment is key in raising efficiency levels in the company. Goldratt Eliyahu’s lessons on efficiency motivated Alex A Molinaroli to take on efficient routes while serving at Ex-Johnson Controls. Eliyahu speaks on how one is to embrace a consistent improvement curve for them to achieve the ultimate desired goal. Follow Alex Molinaroli on Twitter to see more of his posts.