The Comedian of Two Nations

A CEO, a film and TV producer, and now semi-retired man of many words Andrew Alexander touched the lives of many in the United States and Canada. His work spanned from Toronto to LA out of Chicago creating memorable moments, teaching the next generation comedians, and ultimately laying down a legacy for generations to enjoy.

As a CEO he built an empire that taught not only acting but film, musical theatre, screenwriting and many more aspects of industry knowledge. His personal touches allowed the “The Second City” to grow from a small operation to three cities and two countries.

As a film and TV producer, you can see his influence in Hollywood throughout the mini productions executed during his almost 5 generation tenure. Not many can say they turned comedy into money but Mr. Andrew Alexander absolutely can. His token city, Chicago recognized him in 2012 as one of the most influential people of the city. His passion, dedication to his city, and service to his cities allowed him and his work to be recognized by Chicago Magazine.

As a man of service, a man of humor, man of two centuries and three cities Andrew Alexander has made a legacy for all to enjoy.

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