The Administrative Role of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez at Hawkers

Startups rarely have a strong financial ground during their early years. However, these businesses can gain an edge in the competitive corporate world using the right strategies. Hawkers is a successful eyewear firm that has a solid presence across various social media platforms.

The company makes about $100 million each year in revenue. Thanks to the intervention of the founding partners and Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, the company has attained an exceptional bottom line.

Its initial offerings attracted a youthful demographic. This set the basis for the company to increase popularity worldwide. At the start, the company did not deal with the sale of sunglasses. At the time, its founding partners had only discovered ways to fund a different venture.

Initially, Hawkers developed a business model of Craigslist in Spain. The company registered profits from the resale of sunglasses made in California. Within two years, the single acquisition would generate revenue worth $60 million. Since the founding partners had little experience in the fashion sector, they faced several challenges at the beginning.

Though the company made considerable income, production expenses made it difficult to maintain a reasonable profit margin. For this reason, the founders sought the expertise of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez.

This investor had earned a solid reputation through his involvement at O’Hara Administration, an investment group. The asset management firm financed projects worldwide. During his time at O’Hara Administration, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez learnt about the factors that inspired success in a business.

His instincts especially in financial matters played in favor of the sunglasses brand. Right from the start, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez proved to be an invaluable asset to the firm. His leadership was centered on the core values held by the sunglasses company.

The brand provides quality products at reasonable prices, a factor that has attracted the young to shop at Hawkers. Nearly 90% of the products from the brand are ordered through its online platform. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez believes social media would serve as the best outreach avenue given that most consumers are young people.