Steve Lesnard Discusses Latest News of the North Face

Steve Lesnard is one of the most successful executives in the athletic apparel sector. He recently talked about how his company, the North Face and Nike have looked to use consumer feedback to innovate their products. During the recent discussion, Lesnard mentioned that his company along with Nike listen to feedback provided by customers and then use this feedback to make changes to their line of products. According to Steve, both The North Face and Nike have been able to make significant progress in not only improving their product line but also ensuring long term customer satisfaction and more sales.

One of the things that Steve Lesnard mentioned is that The North Face has decided to consider both positive and negative feedback in order to ensure that their products are always of high quality. When evaluating positive feedback, Lesnard has worked with this team of executives to continued developing features that customers like as well as finding ways to enhance them. This approach has allowed the company to make some of the most popular athletic apparel available.

As well as focusing on the positive aspects of customer feedback, Steve Lesnard has also used negative comments to improve the company’s products. Whenever a customer makes remarks about how certain products can be better, Steve immediately make suggestions to make the necessary changes to satisfy customers. By using customer feedback, Steve has been able to create marketing campaigns that emphasizes the positive aspects of the products and sell them to consumers on a regular basis.

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