Steph Korey Explores Her Rise as an Exceptional Entrepreneur

Steph Korey is improving the experience of tens of millions of travelers across the globe through her company Away, founded in 2015. This company has achieved tremendous prosperity by offering robust, affordable suitcases that ensure that travelers don’t have to worry about their affordable suitcases breaking or spending unimaginable amounts of cash on expensive suitcases. During a recent interview, Steph explored her rise as an exceptional entrepreneur.


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Introduction to business

This outstanding entrepreneur mentioned that she was introduced to business at a young age. Soon after completing her high school studies, she went on to work for Casper Mattresses. From here, she moved to Warby Parker, a startup that was taking the fashion industry by a storm by offering exciting, affordable eyewear. Steph Korey pointed out that while at Warby Parker, she had her first encounter with the ins and outs of running a successful startup. This is because her role at the company involved managing its logistics operations by seeking raw materials, getting them to the manufacturer, and making sure the final products get to the consumers. After leaving Warby Parker, she pursued a business degree at Columbia University’s business school.

Conducting in-depth market research

Steph Korey noted that she started the process of launching Away during the last semester of her business degree at Columbia. After noticing a considerable market gap for affordable, robust suitcases, she went ahead to conduct in-depth market research. This extensive research aimed to better understand the problems that travelers were experiencing with the available suitcase offering in the market. The research involved talking with tens of frequent travelers to figure out their ultimate luggage. Steph Korey stated that through the interviews, she was able to easily design a product that outshone anything else available in the market. As a result, Away had an easier time attracting clients as its offering were outstandingly competitive.

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