Ryan Bishti Recap

Ryan Bishti is a true reflection of persistence and planning as far as entrepreneurship is concerned. He believes that if these two principles are followed religiously, they can help one achieve almost anything they want. He ventured into the hospitality industry and has a great business portfolio, including The Windmill Soho and Restaurant Ours.


Throughout his entrepreneurial journey of approximately two decades, Ryan Bishti has made innovations that have kept his businesses at the top. For instance, The Windmill Soho restaurant is nourished with great music, top-notch cuisine, acrobatics, and an array of cabaret that attract and keep customers. 


According to Ryan Bishti, his focus is on four pillars; client experience, customer service, customer loyalty, and décor and ambiance. 


The first pillar is customer service. Ryan Bishti knows that any hospitality business cannot survive without customers. He takes customer service very seriously. He says that excellent customer service creates a good relationship that benefits the restaurant in the long term. Therefore, it is crucial to train all the staff members that deal with customers.


The second one is Décor and Ambiance. Ryan Bishti believes that some clients may choose a certain restaurant over another even when they are serving the same cuisine because of the difference in their surroundings. Customers need to feel comfortable when in a restaurant. 


Client experience is also another vital pillar. It includes the interactions customers have with the staff, the food, drinks, and entertainment. Clients should leave the restaurant feeling either uplifted, calm, relaxed, or ready to party.


The final one is generating customer loyalty. For a business to keep growing, the clients need to come back again and again. Ryan Bishti urges business owners always to keep the promises they make to their clients. Doing so will keep them loyal.