Roles Simon Denyer Has Served in Different Consultant Firms

The current senior consultant for WildAid in Africa, Simon Denyer, has an upbeat job portfolio. Before taking his current role at WildAid, Denyer was the Bureau Chief for Washington Post, serving Korean and Japanese regions. Simon Denyer has served as a journalist for over 25 years, and before he left Washington Post, he served in multiple positions.

After quitting Washington Post, he founded his consulting firm, Simon Denyer Consulting Ltd. However, that didn’t stop him from working for other firms. He has worked for WildAid offering his consultancy services regarding the African region. In this nonprofit organization that advocates for animal health and conservation, Denyer has been consulted on varied projects to optimize animal conservation in African countries.

One of the biggest projects Denyer was consulted on was the campaign for saving the Pangolin. Pangolin is an endangered animal species found in Cameroon. Cases regarding the illegal poaching and eating of Pangolin have grown significantly, and to help save the Pangolin, the WildAid consulted Denyer to help them devise effective mechanisms.

The campaign has earned a substantial following among Cameroonians, including leading musicians, government elites, and football stars. The goal is to enlighten Cameroonians on the importance of preserving this endangered animal species and working towards bringing the pangolin meat consumption levels down. Cameroonians enjoy eating pangolin because most don’t know that it carries many parasite-borne bacteria and could threaten their health. In addition, many Cameroonians don’t know that it is illegal to kill and eat pangolins.

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