PosiGen makes Switching to Solar Easy and Affordable

PosiGen is a solar energy provider that focuses on lower and middle-class homes. Their goal of bringing affordable solar power to all is made possible through a leasing program. PosiGen’s leasing program is adaptable per household and varies the monthly lease charge based on several different factors. 


Audits and Inspections



PosiGen begins the process by examining your home and current energy output. They only install their solar panels on homes that can financially benefit from the switch to solar. A quick Home Energy Audit reveals how much money can be saved each month by switching, and leasing prices are determined based on this. PosiGen will only sell you their product if it saves you money!


Solar Power Benefits


Solar energy from PosiGen isn’t just cleaner for the environment, but it can also save homeowners money. It increases the value of the home too. Solar panels will be an attractive feature of any home on the market (Apnnews). 


How it Works

Once PosiGen has determined that you are a suitable candidate for their systems, you will receive two utility bills. One of the bills will be your standard energy bill, where your savings reflects since it is significantly reduced based on the amount of energy your solar panels are creating. The other is the monthly lease from PosiGen.