Pamela Baer Supports New San Francisco Hospital

Pamela Baer is proud to announce her support for the Zuckerberg Hospital and Trauma Center, which she has supported throughout the COVID19 pandemic. Baer realizes that this has been a hard time for everyone, and feels that any help that she can provide is worth it to the people that need it most.

Pamela Baer’s Generosity Benefits San Francisco Hospital:

She dedicated herself as the Lifetime Director of the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. Baer is working to help relieve some of the weaknesses and problems that her hospital is having while there is increased demands placed on services that have been needed throughout the pandemic.

Pam Baer has been able to help the most vulnerable in their community by securing up hospital resources and being able to ensure that everyone gets the care they need during this difficult time.

Pam Baer Also Supports the Community’s Vulnerable:

Much of the work that Pamela Baer does at the hospital is aimed at helping those facing problems like poverty and homelessness. Those who are homeless or in poverty are more likely not to be able to afford basic healthcare necessities such as hand sanitizer, masks, and other things that help keep them safe. The people of San Francisco often rely on the local hospital at ZSFG as a safety net when they are facing difficulties such as the pandemic or even flu season. These resources are vital to the community of San Francisco and the people whom it serves.

Pam Baer Does More Than Just Protect People From Pandemics:

Pandemics are only one thing that the vulnerable need protected against in the San Francisco area. Mental health is another huge issue for those whose are in poverty or are homeless. Many of them may suffer from addictions or other mental issues that needed treating and taken care of. Refer to this article for more information.


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