Marwan Kheireddine Recap

Marwan Kheireddine, a Lebanese entrepreneur, founded his business school named after himself. His goal is to help young entrepreneurs become successful. He believes there is value in having a university that teaches entrepreneurship in an environment that will help students succeed regardless of what industry they end up working in or whether they choose to start their own company. His school provides courses for undergraduate and graduate-level students on topics ranging from the fundamentals of finance and accounting to marketing and customer service. He also runs a mentorship program where he works closely with students throughout their studies to give them advice and guidance where they need it most.

Kheireddine says it’s quite rewarding to hear that people’s lives are changing due to his mentorship. He says the best rewards come when someone out of nowhere expresses gratitude for something that impacted him positively. He says satisfaction and joy after receiving the praise are unlike anything else. He adds that there’s nothing like getting positive feedback from people who care about you. When he gets this kind of reward, he shares the experience through social media and with others worldwide.

Kheireddine also helped create Youth Inc., a non-profit organization aimed at helping young entrepreneurs start businesses and become leaders. Through YOUTHinc., Kheireddine invested $10 million in the startup ecosystem in Lebanon. He also introduced Virgin Megaphones to Lebanon, putting more money into local music. And in support of Circular 331, Kheireddine worked with Richard Branson to launch Virgin Megastores in Lebanon. These stores brought more money to the country and promoted its image to the rest of the world.

Kheireddine sees Lebanon as a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, so he decided to invest in developing a blockchain ecosystem for the nation’s economy. He sees great potential in the Lebanese market and thinks there will be many opportunities for startups throughout the country. Since 2017, Kheireddine has invested in over 30 startups in Lebanon. He wants to help build a startup network for the country and hopes it can create jobs and empower young entrepreneurs to succeed.

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