Kristin Molinaroli on Developing Avant

Today, the role of women in business is changing rapidly. Women are achieving more and more success in the business world, despite obstacles that were once thought impossible to overcome. One such woman is Kristin Molinaroli, a female CEO of a major telecom company. She has been ranked as one of Fortune’s 100 Most Powerful Women in Business for 2017. This article will look at how she went from being the president of her design firm to becoming a CEO with significant influence in today’s market.

How she became a successful businesswoman

Kristin Molinaroli started with a passion for interior design. After graduating from college, she took on the role of co-owner and president of her design firm called KMOLINAROLI Interior Design. The company was successful and led to many other opportunities.

During her time at KMOLINAROLI Interior Design, Molinaroli noticed a lack of female leadership in the business world. The idea for her future career began when she saw how much work it would take to become president of a company and the obstacles that were still in place for women in business. She decided to enter the realm of entrepreneurship and do everything possible to build her own company to help women overcome these challenges.

What it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur

The first step to becoming a successful female entrepreneur is finding your unique business niche. That’s how she started her design firm, MKTG. She noticed a shortage of marketers on the market, and she decided to fill this gap in the design industry with her innovative marketing strategies. Her company has grown tremendously since then.


Although female entrepreneurs are still a minority, their presence in the workplace is increasing. There is a trend of successful female entrepreneurs creating their brands and leading other women to follow.

The CEO and founder of the creative agency Kristin Molinaroli Design is one of these women. She’s also the author of the book “How to Be Successful as a Creative Entrepreneur.”

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