John Savignano Recap

John Savignano was the first person in his family to graduate from college. He graduated from Hunter College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Studies and a Certificate in Urban Sociology. John was also raised on Staten Island with Italian roots, which allowed him to explore both Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

He started his career working for Graphic Communications Corporation (GCC) as a machine operator, where he supervised production teams within an assembly line environment. John then went on to quality control at The Archer Group, where he monitored all incoming shipments and ensured they weren’t defective or damaged before they were sent out to customers. While at The Archer Group, John was the communications link between customers and higher management.

John worked for the New York City Department of Health, where he handled any complaints concerning a food establishment, including checking to ensure that all health codes were followed. He then became a Manager on staff for the NYC Department of Buildings, where his role was to review plans for construction projects and determine if said plans met fire, building, and zoning requirements.

John Savignano is currently an Assistant Human Resources Manager at Cantor Fitzgerald. He oversees a program that helps employees with substance abuse problems and programs designed to help employees deal with financial hardship. John has also worked as a consultant for a start-up firm in New York City that facilitates the relationship between investors and start-ups. He’s also a significant contributor to the Staten Island Gambler’s Forum, which is an organization that supports organizations started by Staten Island residents. John is currently serving as a Board Member of the Staten Island HR Association, which is an organization that works to make sure things are running smoothly within Staten Island organizations. Read more about John Savignano