John Ritenour Discusses His Career and IOA’s Success

The founder of IOA (Insurance Office of America), John Ritenour, is an insurance sector guru after spending more than 30 years in the industry. During this time, he has had numerous achievements attributed to him. In a recent interview, Ritenour went on to discuss his career and IOA’s success.

A tremendous career

The IOA founder mentioned that he relished he has had a great career with numerous achievements. He started his professional outside of the insurance sector at a young age working in a steel mill. Though the work was back-breaking, he focused on working hard to become successful. Later, John Ritenour decided to become an insurance salesperson, which led him to where he is today. As he already has the discipline to work hard, he added determination and quickly stood out from his colleagues. While working as an insurance sales agent, he finessed the skills that would later help him launch his own company.

Growing IOA to a successful venture

This accomplished entrepreneur mentioned that IOA opened its doors in 1988. From the beginning, he had the vision of making his insurance firm different from those that existed. John Ritenour revealed that he worked hard through the years to see to it that IOA was a success. Moreover, he went out of his way to design the best industry deals for the clients, enabling the insurance firm to attract and retain clients easily.

Though the company started with its offices in a 3,000 sq. ft. one-story building, it now has over 60 offices throughout the US and the UK with more than 1,200 team members. John Ritenour added that the launch of the IOA Sports Partners program would work to accelerate the firm’s growth to a top-class insurance company. It now has more than 80,000 clients across the US and UK.