John Ritenour: A Renowned Entrepreneur with an Impressive Insurance Career

John Ritenour is an individual who has impacted the insurance industry. Born and bred in a humble family, he employed his unrelenting drive to grow and carve a lucrative niche for himself. Growing up in a low-income neighborhood, the entrepreneur understood what it felt like to be less fortunate. The business leader was determined to grow and transform his status quo. Driven by motivation, he forged an alternative path for himself in the business scope. He pursued his formal education to amass a breadth of knowledge and stand out in the job market. Upon graduating, he leveraged his newly forged skills working in a local steel mill. The business leader swiftly carved a stellar reputation for his hard work ethic.

Intrigued in pursuing new opportunities, he ventured forth to leverage his prowess at his brother’s bakery. In the mid-1970s, John Ritenour joined the insurance niche as a door-to-door salesman. During his tenure, he worked pretty hard to rise through the ranks as the company’s top producer. The unrivaled drive and passion for running his business saw him start his own business, which he later sold at resounding success. In 1988 he merged with Valli, his wife, to co-initiate IOA, a global private corporation in Longwood. John Ritenour prides himself as the initiator and steering force of the international insurance corporation. The business leader has played a vital role in nurturing IOA from a fledgling business to an industry behemoth.

The ability of IOA to bring forth innovative insurance strategies and opportunities has distinguished it from its competitors. From the founding phases, the insurance company has experienced a significant journey of development and growth. The undisputed business icon created and designed top-level insurance opportunities for unlimited potential. IOA was initiated to recognize the potential of hard-working insurance representatives. Today, the company prides itself on working with over 1300 individuals and offers agents the opportunity to enjoy maximum earnings potential. Indeed, John Ritenour has achieved greatness throughout his professional journey.

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