Jessica Dean: What to know about Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP Attorney

Jessica Dean attorney has always had a goal of being the best at what she does. She graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting. Jessica got her Juris Doctor degree from Baylor University Law School. After graduating from law school, she worked for another law firm for two years before starting her practice. Since starting her practice, Jessica Dean and her team have been successful in all areas of law that they handle, including real estate, criminal defense, family law, and civil litigation. The practice’s success is due to Jessica Dean’s knowledge of the laws and the intelligence and leadership skills developed over time through experience working with various clients. 

Professional background 

Jessica Dean attorney has practiced law in several states in the U.S. on cases mainly focused on bringing justice to victims of workplace safety infractions in mesothelioma cases. She has had the opportunity to lead the national mesothelioma defense efforts of several Texas-based mesothelioma clients and the asbestos exposure defense team. Jessica has also been part of a team that successfully held an asbestos manufacturer liable for the death of a mesothelioma victim. Jessica Dean attorney is a member of the Texas and Denton County Bar Associations, the Texas Civil Trial Lawyers Association, and the National Association of Trial Lawyers. 

A powerful ally in representing clients. 

• Understands how to analyze evidence and interact with judges, juries, and plaintiffs’ bar. 

• Believes in the legal system and makes sure others around her do too. 

• Has a history of winning cases. 

• Values character and reputation, not just success. 

• Stands up for the little guy. 

• Understands that integrity is what it takes to make the world better. 

Knows how to prove her case. 

• She’s polite and doesn’t scream and yell at others. 

• She sets a good example for others. 

• She’s passionate about what she does.