Jake Medwell Helps Create Alliance Between Lineage and 8VC

Two independently successful companies from different industries have announced an alliance in order to improve and propel the transportation and logistics industry forward. Jake Medwell, co-founder and partner of tech capital firm 8VC, has helped create an alliance with company Lineage Logistics. The purpose of this partnership is to discover and fund tech startups that could improve the future of shipping and logistics.

Technology is already incredibly built into the world of shipping, which are essentially giant logistical puzzles that rely on a powerful tech based management foundation to be both operational and successful. Every day tech brands are developing concepts that have the power to completely overhaul all aspects of global shipping and logistical platforms. This alliance is great news for these tech startups that both rely on funds like 8VC for startup cash, but also strive to gain the attention of shipping companies like Lineage in order to test and implement the products they create.

Jake Medwell, through his experience funding and fostering tech startups is in a great position to make a huge impact and really fast track a lot of promising projects through development and into a project phase. As an adviser to Lineage, Medwell can help the company recognize which tech companies have both the potential to create reliable products as well as focus attention on what areas of shipping tech can have the greatest impact. This alliance is smart and beneficial for all industries involved and indicates a desire for growth and efficieny.

Learn more about Jake: https://medium.com/@jakemedwell/about