How Loretta Kryshak’s Rebel Reform helps the Milwaukee community

Loretta Kryshak stood before an audience to receive an award called the Gwen T. Jackson Award. Kryshak, along with her family and Rebel Converting/Red Reform, received the award for their relief effort during the pandemic. The United Way gave the award. Kryshak’s son’s idea was to utilize the material to make disinfectant wipes to create a facemask. The material was similar to the material found in the N95 facemask. The company was able to create 1 million masks to help with the shortage of masks.

Loretta Kryshak’s daughter will utilize social media to recruit volunteers and inform the people of Milwaukee regarding wearing facemasks and staying inside their homes. The social media campaign attracted other organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. The effort allowed them to give over 4 million masks to the people who needed them.

Loretta Kryshak was part of an effort that led organizations such as the Medical College of Wisconsin to distribute nearly 300,000 masks to first responders. Overall, Kryshak and her family exceeded their goal of creating 2.5 million masks by 1.5 million masks. The giveaway of masks also helped Florida and Texas despite the relief effort starting for Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The mask giveaway is not the first time Kryshak and their family have been helpful to the community. Rebel Reform has given away bikes and helmets.