How did Alejandro Betancourt become the president of Hawkers Co?

Alejandro Betancourt is an educated businessman. He graduated from Suffolk University with two degrees, Business Administration and Economics, and his skills in marketing have driven many companies to success. Alejandro Betancourt has continued to shine into the world of the fashion industry as he is the president of Hawkers Co, a fashion eyewear industry that deals with the manufacturing and retailing of sunglasses. This venture is growing steadily globally.

The company had its roots in four businesspeople in Spain who operated a marketing website bearing the name Saldum as indicated in one of the articles in Boss Magazine. The chief objective of the website was to create a platform for people to buy and sell secondhand goods below retail price. As with any other business, the company experienced low profits for the first eighteen months; the company had less than fifty sales.

With determination and not giving up, the four entrepreneurs continued to identify some weaknesses that could help them have more sales in online marketing. Some of the discoveries made were that customers earned more profits in sales than what they had charged them to access the website services; second, they identified they could make more sales by selling new products than secondhand items. With that realization, the company ventured into selling new products but had no clue what to sell.

The transition from an online marketing company to Hawkers Co was marked by Mr. Lozano, brother to Pablo, one of the entrepreneurs. Lozano had returned to Spain from America with sunglasses from Knockaround, an eyewear company in California. Knockaround product got the entrepreneurs’ interests and made them buy 27 pairs of sunglasses worth $300 from the company. They advertised the sunglasses on social media platforms which made them become successful grand ambassadors of Knockaround products.

Despite the profit made by the company, they encountered some challenges as they could sell the product below their competitors’ price. To try and fit into the stiff market, they had to look for alternatives, which was the starting point of their success as they met with Alejandro Betancourt, the main contributor to its success. Alejandro Betancourt involvement led to tremendous success and earned him the title, President of the company in November 2016.

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