How Alejandro Betancourt ventured into the fashion industry

Success stories are not always coming from new establishments. The facilities with financial success always work for their achievements for years. When a new business starts to get successful with its new products in the competitive market, then you know that it has expert leaders and management.

This was the case for Hawkers, a trending fashion eyewear facility from Spain. Hawkers takes the lead when people in various regions of the world discuss fashionable, classic, high quality and cost effective sunglasses.

The global community is still trying to figure out how the brand emerged from all the competition to raise its standards and become the best. The huge following in Facebook is still giving the competitors of the facility a difficult time. Everything about the Spain eyewear brand happened very fast. The story to success began in early 2016 when there were a few changes in investors and management.

A new face, Alejandro Betancourt had just been received into the facility to bring his angel investment expertise. Alejandro Betancourt was eager for the opportunity to get involved in the fashion and online business for the first time.

Angel investors accept to partner with brands showing great potential. The potential Alejandro Betancourt saw from the Spain establishment was enough for him to stop everything he was doing and concentrate in the business. Alejandro Betancourt was already in the process of searching for an investment idea when the company presented itself to him.

The serial entrepreneur with Venezuelan roots quickly got excited when he viewed the portfolio of the company. This would be his first business in fashion. The marketing in the Spain based company was impressive and very unique in the eyes of Alejandro. The unique and rare processes attracted many investors, but Alejandro was among the first candidates to be considered for the position of investor. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s: Twitter.