Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Career and Achievements

Haroldo Jacobovicz is among the most renowned entrepreneur and civil engineers of the contemporary world. The public figure hails from Curitiba, Brazil, and his parents were both engineers. Haroldo has done so much for companies and society in his career. Haroldo has been developing disruptive and innovative business for over three decades, founding his first company even before completing his first degree.


Major Establishments

Haroldo Jacobovicz has idealized and founded several organizations, Arlequim Technologies being one of his establishments. The organization is a startup of the virtualization of computers, and it started running in 2021. Haroldo also founded Horizons Telecom in 2010, a major telecommunication company that has greatly transformed the Brazilian communication sector. Currently, Haroldo is still a member of the company’s management board. More importantly, Haroldo is the Chief Executive Officer of ‘Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute,’ a non-profit Private Law Association he established in August 2021. The institute’s headquarters are at Curitiba, and Haroldo uses it to advance his philanthropic acts towards society.

Giving Back to Society

Haroldo is committed to enhancing people’s livelihoods, using his expertise and authority to create solutions. For instance, Haroldo supports social initiatives for education, health, animal causes, and culture through the IHJ, accessible via www.institutoharoldojacobovicz.org. The institution is also committed to enhancing better lives for people living with disabilities and the elderly in society. Haroldo Jacobovicz pushes these objectives by missing with other institutions that share his course and more

Family Engagement and Support

Haroldo’s family is a strong pillar for his career and life courses. His wife and daughters take vital positions in the IHJ, supporting him in realizing the firm’s objectives. Haroldo’s wife is the vice president, and their daughters Valéria and Karina are the legal and administrative directors. The family seeks to go beyond Curitiba, advancing the values of a solidary, humane, and fair society to the entire region.