Former Chief Economist of SEC, Dr. Jeffrey Harris on Online Trading Academy's Life-Changing  Educational Program on Financial Trade

The financial field is not new to these most-typed and used words – education, training, and learning. The pressure of being aware and understanding how money works is at the very core of our daily lives. And so, the importance of giving the process the best education to ascertain the best outcomes is highly recommended. The recent Government hearings of the U.S House Committee on Financial Services had many of the attendees address getting the best learning opportunities to tackle the financial market. However, it was concluded that not all education is equal. Seeking a professional outlook on this matter, the Online Training Academy gained insight from Jeffrey H. Harris.

Dr. Jeffrey Harris is the current Chair in Finance at the Kogod School of Business at the American university. His expertise has been well represented at the U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis at the U.S Securities, and at the Nasdaq Stock Market. He is passionate about improving one’s financial education skills to navigate the financial markets. He notes that as much as advanced technology is making it easier to access knowledge and even become self-taught in many fields, there is a tragedy that the majority of the people don’t get the needed education in the long run. For a proper analysis, Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris reviewed OTA’s virtual classes, course materials and attended the Extended Learning Track (XLT) session on the Clik platform.

Dr. Jeffrey Harris marveled at the capabilities of Clik. He was impressed at how the platform is user-friendly- providing appropriate steps that follow an individual trade plan. Applying these systematic processes increases one’s discipline and makes risk management  easier. He commends the OTA’s curriculum and educational materials based on sound economic theories and compares well to tertiary-level financial education. While not all education is equal, OTA’s curriculum and delivery methods provide lifelong opportunities to build skills, develop confidence and nurture proficiency. The online learning sessions at Clik provide all these subsequently with a guided practical application for its learners to advance their skills and navigate the complexities of the financial markets.

OTA is a leading financial educator providing structured methodologies to more than 80,000 students globally in interactive sessions conducted by knowledgeable instructors. Its first introductory class is free while the following packages are paid for, as the learners adhere to the pre-set conditions.

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