Evvy’s initial Biomarker of Interest is The Vaginal Microbiota

A female-founded firm, Evvy, launched today to create a new perspective on the female body. Evvy’s initial biomarker of interest is the vaginal microbiota, an important but often ignored indicator.

When it comes to the microbiome of the vagina, metagenomic sequencing is a powerful tool, and Evvy’s at-home vaginal microbiome test is no exception.


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Yeast infections, recurring UTIs, bacterial vaginosis (BV), and other infections affect at least 30 percent of women and individuals with vaginas each year. Evvy’s test provides specificity to what would otherwise be a long and arduous path to pinpoint what may be causing one’s symptoms for people who suffer from repeated illnesses.

New research demonstrates that the vaginal microbiota is an essential indicator of general health in the female body, even in people who do not have infections. Preterm birth, infertility, STI acquisition, and cervical cancer progression are all linked to the bacteria in the vaginal microbiome. With the help of Evvy’s Vaginal Health Test, women can take charge of their preventative health.

In the US, women weren’t permitted to engage in clinical research until 1993, which means we are years behind in comprehending how to care for women and persons with vaginas effectively. “Evvy is here to inspire us to fully figure out what’s going on inside our own systems while developing new datasets that will alter our ability to anticipate risk, diagnose, and prevent disease in the female body.”

As part of the $5 million seed round, Evvy is founded by Stanford alumni Priyanka Jain (and Laine Bruzek) and backed by Human Ventures, G9 Capital, and BBG Ventures, and others. Former CEO of Ancestry and Executive-in-Residence at Broad Catalyst Margo Georgiadis has been added to the board of Evvy.

As Margo Georgiadis puts it, “Evvy is breaking boundaries to promote women’s health with more cheap and comprehensive testing, starting with their vaginal microbiome metagenomics test.” The team has ambitious objectives to improve early detection, treatment, and therapies by leveraging new female-specific biomarkers.

A simple, at-home biopsy is all it takes to complete the Evvy Vaginal Medical Exam, accessible in all 50 states. After two weeks, you’ll receive your results on a personal web portal with actionable results, insights into the relationship between your vaginal microbiome and your overall health, and personalized recommendations tailored to your specific health situation.

Vaginal infections, such as UTIs, yeast infections, and bacterial vaginal infections (BVs), affect nearly everyone at some point in their lives, according to Laine Bruzek, CMO, and co-founder of Evvy. “However, because of the stigma surrounding issues of vaginal health, many of us are forced to seek treatment on our own, out of shame. Until vaginal health and women’s health are given the attention they deserve on a systematic, medical, and individual levels, they will continue to be stigmatized.”

The vaginal microbiota is only the beginning of Evvy’s journey. Genetic markers, analytics, and products developed by the company are already in the works, and they could revolutionize the way we identify and treat diseases of the female reproductive system.