Eugene Plotkin Recently Shared his Thoughts

To end the ongoing war in Ukraine, Eugene Plotkin recently shared his thoughts on how he sees Russia’s role in the conflict and where he thinks it is all headed.

  1. Body

It seems relatively clear that Putin has no intention of ceasing his aggression in Ukraine. Indeed, as Eugene Plotkin points out, “Russian troops have remained on Ukrainian soil despite repeated pleas from Western countries and offers of financial aid.” Meanwhile, in response to Russia’s activities, NATO is increasing its military presence in Eastern Europe. Further fighting will likely ensue, and the Russians will win this round.


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Plotkin’s suggestion that Putin may be betting on world chaos and conflict to allow him to come out of the shadows (at least partially) is also telling. If Putin can play the role of a robust and nationalistic leader by acting aggressively in Ukraine, he may see this as the perfect opportunity.

With the world on fire and America weakened, Putin may see this as his chance to return to the country’s former glory and to take on a leading role in shaping the global stage.

  1. Iran, Russia, and China Are Fighting The Global Order

Plotkin’s point that Russia and Ukraine are caught in a struggle for national identity is interesting. He suggests that Russia is fighting for its own identity rather than trying to change the world order, as many Western thinkers do.

Plotkin points out that in this fight, “Russia finds itself on the side of Iran and China in a war to counter what they see as the global hegemony of America and Western Europe.”

In this conflict, Putin sees himself as a hero fighting against what he perceives to be the imperialistic actions of America and Europe. In this fight, Putin sees himself as the iconic strongman and savior of the Russian people.

Plotkin also astutely points out that Russia’s current leader wants to be the head of a new aristocratic order. “Whereas Europe and America had only been run by the privileged, Putin wants to create a new aristocracy.”

  1. Ukraine Is A New’ Center of Civilization’

In this fight, Plotkin believes that Russia sees itself as standing up for its people against an imperialistic West. He points out that Ukraine, the birthplace of Kievan Rus, is a central part of this identity of Russia.

Plotkin quotes Vladimir Putin saying, “Russia cannot accept the dismemberment of Ukraine and cannot remain indifferent to the fact that this land has always been dear to our hearts.” Plotkin also points out Putin’s speech from 2014, where he said, “Russia can turn Ukraine into a new center of world civilization.

  1. The Crimea

Plotkin points out that most people in Crimea are ethnic Russians who have historically lived on the peninsula. He suggests that Putin sees the peninsula as Russia’s “new holy land.”

Putin sees himself as the protector of this holy land, which is a rebellion by ethnic Russians against the occupying Ukrainian government.