Edgard Corona—Founder and CEO of SmartFit

Edgard Corona has over three decades of experience in the field of fitness. He is the CEO and founding partner of SmartFit, a company headquartered in Latin America with branches in 13 countries.

SmartFit has offices in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Chile, and other countries. It helps people looking to transform their fitness journey in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Early Life and Education

Edgard Corona was born in Brazil in the 1950s. After finishing his high school education, he joined one of the best universities in the world to pursue a course in chemical engineering. His passion for becoming an entrepreneur started when he followed his chemical engineering course.

After finishing his course at the university, he moved to Sao Paulo to serve in a sugar mill, which was family-owned and operated. During his time at the sugar mill, he enrolled in one of the local gyms for a fitness program. During that time, he saw the fitness industry as a viable venture.

Reviving a Company with Financial Difficulties

While working in his family’s business specializing in sugar mill, he was appointed to manage the operations of the company that was experiencing financial difficulties. As the executive director of the company, his extensive skills saw the company improve and restore its lost glory. After managing to revive the family business, Edgard left the company and established his company.

Founder and CEO of Bio Ritmo

Edgard Corona established Bio Ritmo, where he is the CEO. The company specializes in sporting activities. As a CEO, Edgard oversees the company management process. Overcoming the challenges he encountered throughout his career made him more decisive and courageous as an entrepreneur. According to him, people looking to survive in the business world should study their past mistakes to learn. They should also concentrate their efforts on accomplishing the most important things that matter in their lives.