Dr. Tom S Chang Talks About Digital Eye Strain

In light of the disruption brought about by the pandemic, new trends have emerged among the working class and education participants in an attempt to adjust to the new normal. Once thought of as a luxury, working and studying from home has become the most suitable solution to restriction on movement for many people (Caredash).


People, in general, have been forced to find something to do with all the free time on their hands. It is no surprise then to Dr. Tom S Chang that many people are experiencing the side effects of their favourite pastime activity, consuming digital content. As a highly trained and experienced ophthalmologist, he is all too familiar with the signs and symptoms of digital eye strain. This condition is an ocular problem brought about by overexposure to blue light from the displays of digital devices. Considering that today most people have laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other computing devices at home, it is easy to identify how they can handle digital eye strain. 


It is not easy to discourage most people from stopping or reducing how much time they spend looking at digital devices, but Dr. Tom S Chang recommends controlled exposure at the very least to help combat the discomfort that will follow. For example, he recommends simple solutions, such as something he calls the 20/20/20 rule. In this practice, Tom S Chang MD recommends, regular digital users are implored to take 20-second breaks from the screen after every 20 minutes of use. During the break, users should look at an object at a distance of at least 20 feet away to give their eyes some time to correct their vision.