Desiree Perez Says She's A Product of Support and Encouragement during her Award-Winning Speech-

As a CEO of the multiservice agency, Desiree Perez has marked her name in the entertainment industry. Translating her potential into positivity, she is known as one of the most influential names in the entertainment business. As a ruling individual, Perez has been an unstoppable force.

She is likely to continue to be an unstoppable force in the industry as she has been able to work with legends that range from Jay-Z to others. Here is what you should know about her fantastic mindset.

The Speech
During the 2019 Billboard Women in Music Ceremony, Desiree Perez was awarded Executive of the Year. Shortly later, this ended in her gracing the new Chief Executive Officer of Roc Nation.

Playing an active role in embracing Roc Nation, Perez is involved in organizing, touring, film and television projects, and overall branding of the company. Additionally, although she worked as a COO for over a decade, her new title doesn’t change her day-to-day duties. As an agent of change, Perez opens doors of opportunities for women and BIPOC individuals by her presence.

Empower People
Empowering women globally, during the award ceremony, Desiree Perez was given countless shoutouts by live nation CEO Michal Piano. The daughter of Cuban immigrants kicked off her speech with the famous quote, life shrinks in contrast to one’s courage.

She admitted how women have to work ten times more than men to fit in in the industry. But even so, nothing stopped her from achieving her dreams. She then gave a special tribute to the founder of Roc Nation, Jay Z, and thanked all the team members.

She expressed gratitude and love towards her husband on how supportive he has been throughout her journey and the co-founder of A&R Ty Ty Smith. As stated by Perez, she’s an outcome of equality, support, and encouragement.