Cloud Inventory Solutions By DSI

DSI has been at the forefront in offering inventory tracking solutions. They recently introduced the integration of cloud inventory tracking software with salesforce. The aim works towards making users of salesforce track inventory quickly. Many companies are involved in a wide range of areas.

Data Systems International can offer services and other applications in the field; the technology developed by DSI allows Field Inventory Management. The users can track different aspects of their business operations. For instance, they can track the number of hours the employees have been serving and the tools to ensure the right measures are taken to keep them in good working condition.

Field Inventory™ Integration with Salesforce

The decision to integrate Field Inventory Management™ tracking with salesforce is a great way towards making service delivery more efficient. Companies that offer services are interested in knowing the productivity of their employees. They can easily track the employees’ productivity by checking out the data that has been captured through the help of the systems. The process is highly effective in capturing the right data that can be applied to make the right decision at the management level.

Accurate data about equipment

The tracking systems are very reliable in tracking inventory. Cloud Inventory can employ the most effective strategies, such as capturing data right on the field. It eliminates cases where data can get distorted when it is being transported to the offices. For the case of the health of machines, it becomes easy for the top management team to get real feedback from the field and take necessary repair measures to avoid cases where they can fail.

Tracking work orders and tickets

Employees should be monitored for them to offer the best services. The system developed by the Cloud Inventory company makes it easy for companies to track the progress of their orders. Through the application of Cloud Inventory, companies can improve productivity. Go here to read some amazing reviews about them.


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