Chichi Eburu Produced Juvia’s Place Which Started By Believing To Succeed

Chichi Eburu started, which ended up being her first beauty makeup brand named after her daughter Olivia and son Juwa. However, inspiration produced the start of Juvia’s Place. In 2016, Juvia’s Place was the goal of creating a beauty brand for everyone for their skin tone. Chichi has about three million followers on Instagram, which continues to grow. Chichi Eburu has many Ulta Beauty shelves around the United States. Juvia’s Place is well-known for its variety of makeup brands and charities.

Before her rise to Juvia’s Place, Chichi Eburu fought hard to find makeup suitable for her hidden skin tone. She searched for several years to find cosmetics that would improve her skin tone. That is when Chichi started her brand on her own.

Chichi feels most powerful when she can aid others while being able to make her own decisions without others doing it for her. Chichi likes the ability to influence an action plan for the right motives.

However, when she feels powerless, Chichi prays.

Chichi Eburu’s primary influence is her mother. Chichi explains that her mother was a single mom when she was very young but never gave up. She also became a successful businesswoman despite being able to raise three children all alone.

Chichi has a highly pigmented eye shadow for different skins. Chichi is pleased about her cultural heritage. When she began her palettes, Chichi wanted each of them to be an illustration of African art and culture.

Chichi likes to wear all black when she wants to feel solid and convincing.

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