Board-certified Sam Jejurikar Brings Relief to Patients

Sam Jejurikar is a prominent and board-certified plastic surgeon known for leveraging his extensive experience in plastic surgery to help his patients meet their plastic surgery goals. Sam Jejurikar believes that as a medical practitioner, it is vital that you care for your patients but remain objective to come up with excellent and non-invasive surgical solutions that will effectively cater to your patients’ needs.

Breast Lift: What It Entails

Sam Jejurikar owns his own practice and has offices in Dallas and Plano, where he offers exceptional cosmetic services to all his clients. One of the many excellent body services offered at his clinic is body lift surgery.

Lift surgery involves removing excess skin around your abdomen and tightening the underlying tissues on your groin, abdomen, buttocks, and lower back. It is a procedure mainly carried out to showcase an individual’s excellent flattering shape.

Who Can Undergo the Procedure?

Because of the nature of the procedure, it is mainly common among patients who have recently lost a considerable amount of weight. However, it can be done on anyone for as long as they are healthy, don’t smoke, and their weight is stable.

Is the Procedure Safe

The procedure is entirely safe, and as a patient of board-certified Sam Jejurikar, one has nothing to worry about. Since Sam Jejurikar is careful to perform the entire procedure while the patient is under general anesthesia, it is also done in stages since the procedure may take a while.

Furthermore, Sameer Jejurikar makes a point of making incisions at the natural folds of a patient’s skin that afterward tend to remain hidden under a patient’s clothing. And in some cases, to give the patients a curvier appearance, he utilizes the soft skin from the patient’s lower back which in the long run also enhances the patient’s buttocks.

The Recovery Period

After the procedure, patients may take several weeks to recover from all the swelling and bruising. And in about a few months, the patients repositioned tissues should have settled in their final position and assumed a set appearance.Finally, if the patient would like to follow up, they can reach out to Sam Jejurikar at his office.