Author Solutions

Author Solutions is a self-publishing platform for authors, and it was established in 1997 to support authors in their publishing work. The platform draws clients from all continents and takes the position they hold as a pioneer self-publishing platform with very much pride. The platform has one of the most prominent authors’ databases, approximated at about 250,000 from all walks of life.

The 250,000 registered authors in the Author Solutions platform have so far published approximately 300,000 titles. For the past three decades, author solutions have been ranked as a market leader when it comes to self-publishing. The platform has supported publishers who are starting their careers, and the impact the company has on their lives is quite extensive and powerful.

Author Solutions has one of the most elaborate and valuable resources that any starting off author can make good use of in their early days as self-publishing authors. The platform offers resources that are pretty valuable and impactful to the author during having their publication done. Similarly, young authors benefit from a network of other established authors in the industry.

Author solutions have compiled a network and a list of contacts that young authors can make good use of. When it comes to monitoring the current publishing trends, author Solution is a step ahead. It makes some essential industry insights available to authors to tailor their publications towards these trends.

They use the AuthorCentric process to assist authors in launching their own writing career. The publisher has a variety of partnerships with industry leaders, retailers, and distributors, including Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins Christian, Ingram, and Indigo Chapters.

Launching careers is another vital aspect and factor of success that Author Solution considers when determining the author’s success. In this regard, Author Solutions works hand in hand with the industry to assist its authors in launching their careers. They do so by helping them book TV shows and talks. Also, they assist authors in having their books accepted in book stores around the country. Finally, authors who want to have their books transformed into films have a hand to hold in Author Solutions. See this page for more information.


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