An Exclusive Interview With Mahmoud Khattab

The Chief Executive Officer of Precision M.D, Mahmoud Khattab, is a graduate of the University of Damascus ( 1993) and had his intern in Case Western Hospital. Mahmoud is also philanthropic. He has participated in many philanthropic activities, but the prominent one is the help he rendered to the Syrian immigrants. Aside from being the Chairman of the Syrian American Council, he has had many positions in charity boards. The cosmetic surgical center, Precision M.D, is located in California. It offers surgical and non-surgical services to its clients to make them feel and look better. As you step your feet in the center, you will be handled with respect and care.

Mahmoud Khattab always works hard to ensure that his patients get the best care since the patients are very important to him. His employees are also important, and he works hard to make sure they are provided with whatever they need to be successful and have the best working environment. Focusing more on his employees and clients makes his practice better. He makes sure he goes to the gym to keep his stress level low and take good care of his health.

As an entrepreneur, Mahmoud Khattab is persistent in his work. Giving up is not part of him; he makes sure he works hard until he is satisfied with the results. He overcomes most of the challenges in his life because he trusts himself. He has a knowledgeable and trustworthy staff, that’s why he has been very successful as an entrepreneur. Google is one web service that has helped Mahmoud to be productive since google offers all kinds of services in one place. According to Khattab, Getting Things Done, a book by David Allen, helps people be more focused and productive. It is one book that he recommends to everyone that wants to be productive to read. Get to know Mahmoud Khattab at