Alejandro Betancourt Steers the Growth of the Hawkers Through His Commendable Entrepreneurial Skills

Hawkers company’s success has not been a walk in the park. The company that is renowned for its production of trendy and quality sunglasses can date back its roots to Saldum. Saldum is an online platform that majors in purchasing second-hand goods. During its operation, the online-based company suffered a major setback resulting in its founders risking 300 dollars to venture into other online sales.

The venture commenced when one of them bought a pair of sunglasses from the US to Spain. The brand of the sunglasses, Knock around had a substantial resale potential. When the team of brothers resold 27 more pairs of the same brand at a significant profit, they realized a booming business opportunity.

Though the team of brothers made significant profits from the resale of the brand, they were discontented with their little success. It is in this regard, that they sought to massively market their brand. The brand had major attributes such as attractiveness, reduced price, and accessibility.

This led to the birth of Hawkers that adopted an envious business model that sought to compete with major brands like Prada and the famous Gucci. In the initial stages, the company attracted a series of investors that included the renowned entrepreneur, Alejandro Betancourt.

Hawkers sought to establish sunglasses that were quite affordable and stylish to the majority of people. A pair would roughly cost between 20 to 40 dollars. It was not long before the company suffered a major financial crisis. Alejandro Betancourt came along with other investors to salvage the prestigious company.

Alejandro Betancourt who studied a course in business administration and economics at the famous Suffolk University in Boston also took over the administrative duties of the company. Alejandro Betancourt possesses an extensive and commendable background in business administration, it was estimated that the company will significantly thrive in the competitive market through his admired entrepreneurial skills.