Alejandro Betancourt—An Entrepreneur with Extensive Experience in Energy

Alejandro Betancourt is the president of a Spain-based company specializing in sunglasses known as Hawkers. He is also a director of a Canadian Company, Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation.


Betancourt Lopez attended Massachusetts’s Suffolk University, where he double-majored in Business Administration and Economics. Years later, he graduated from the institution with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Economics.

Professional Career

Betancourt’s professional career kicked off when he was appointed a manager of various companies like ICC-OEOC and Guruceaga Group. After serving the managerial role for several years, Alejandro Betancourt later decided to join O’Hara Administration Company, an asset management service provider. His administrative role made O’Hara expand its operations into Peru, Venezuela and Mexico.

Well Versed with the Energy Sector

Alejandro Betancourt, over the years, acquired extensive experience and expertise in the energy industry through working for several energy companies, both locally and internationally. He applies his years of experience and knowledge to improve his company’s activities. Betancourt is a motivational speaker. He likes conversing with entrepreneurs looking for advice to expand their operations during his free time.

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