Month: August 2021


Jake Medwell Helps Create Alliance Between Lineage and 8VC

Two independently successful companies from different industries have announced an alliance in order to improve and propel the transportation and logistics industry forward. Jake Medwell, co-founder and partner of tech capital firm 8VC, has helped create an alliance with company Lineage Logistics. The purpose of this partnership is to discover and fund tech startups that […]

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Surgery news

Board-certified Sam Jejurikar Brings Relief to Patients

Sam Jejurikar is a prominent and board-certified plastic surgeon known for leveraging his extensive experience in plastic surgery to help his patients meet their plastic surgery goals. Sam Jejurikar believes that as a medical practitioner, it is vital that you care for your patients but remain objective to come up with excellent and non-invasive surgical […]

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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez
Business Leader

How did Alejandro Betancourt become the president of Hawkers Co?

Alejandro Betancourt is an educated businessman. He graduated from Suffolk University with two degrees, Business Administration and Economics, and his skills in marketing have driven many companies to success. Alejandro Betancourt has continued to shine into the world of the fashion industry as he is the president of Hawkers Co, a fashion eyewear industry that […]

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