direct sales industry

 Should I worry about the QNET scam?

Are you looking for a way to buy the best products out of a direct selling platform? You should think of QNET. There is no QNET scam to worry about because the company has proven to be highly reliable in delivering high-quality products over time. Several people have ordered products from the company, and they […]

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 Marwan Kheireddine contribution to the financial sector in Lebanon

There are several contributions Marwan Kheireddine has made to the Lebanese financial sector. The financial sector used to face several challenges. As a chairman of the AM bank in Lebanon, he came across several challenges people were facing. After coming up with different strategies, he managed to turn the bank into profitability. His experience in […]

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 Activision Blizzard Is Take A Step In The Right Direction

If you haven’t already heard, Activision Blizzard is making many wonderful changes to significantly enhance the company’s culture. Here is exactly how the company plans to move forward in a positive direction. The primary goal of this company is to create a warm, welcoming environment for everyone. One way that the company intends to accomplish […]

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Investment Bank

The Future of Logistics and Supply-Chain Tech: The Investment Analyst Perspective

While the companies in this sector typically derive revenue from ancillary services or business solutions to existing enterprises, the real money is typically spent on applications and infrastructure that simplify the process of managing the complexities of the supply chain. How Logistics and Supply-Chain Technology Is Driving E-Commerce Increasingly, logistics and supply-chain technology is being […]

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Cleantech Group
Climate Change

ZeroAvia, Climate Change and Airplanes

The President of the United States is hard at work trying to get a $150 billion clean energy and climate change bill passed. Climate change is at the forefront of many debates, specifically is 100% clean energy even possible. ZeroAvia staff members are aware that it is virtually impossible to answer that question but, most […]

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Medical Technology

Tim Murawski on Augmedics, Data Analytics, and the Future of Healthcare

Tim Murawski is a veteran with an extensive background in commercialization and strategy for medical device companies. One of his most recent endeavors is as a member of the Board of Directors for Mako Surgical Corp, where he helped lead the company from its inception through significant growth and success. Tim Murawski is a well-respected […]

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Global sanitation

Miki Agrawal’s Norm-Challenging Toilet

The COVID pandemic has been difficult for everyone that has a small business or is an entrepreneur. However, there are some who create just what people need in a time of crisis. Miki Agrawal has invented a toilet that is not only environmentally friendly but is also healthier for people, too. Mei Mie Fox’s article […]

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Business Leader
Sudhir Choudhrie

Sudhir Choudhrie Dedicates his Time and Effort to Create Improvements in Various Sectors

Besides being a businessman, Sudhir Choudhrie is a philanthropist who dedicates his time and effort to create significant improvements in hospitality, aviation, and healthcare. He grew up in Delhi and attended Delhi University, where he undertook an economics degree. His business spirit began showing immediately after graduating. Therefore, he launched his initial business, which carried […]

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International Reporter, Simon Denyer wins Pulitzer Prize for Groundbreaking Series of Articles on Global Warming

Simon Denyer, a Washington Post reporter from London, has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his groundbreaking series of articles on global warming. Simon’s coverage in a number of countries helped to illustrate the effects that climate change is having on people around the world and how it will have an impact on economies and […]

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Edgard Corona for Better Physical Fitness

Exercise is one of the most important activities to get involved in for better health. Most people do not consider it important until they fall sick. Some diseases will require you to perform daily fitness just the same way you take your drugs when sick. Edgard Corona is one of the people who realized the […]

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